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I told you I was lost.

I am Nothing!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

This isn't entirely accurate. I still struggle with the teachings I was brainwashed with for 18 years, but I don't live any of it. *mutter* I had one guy tell me that if he got to heaven and I wasn't there he'd be "very disappointed" in me. Whatever. How does anyone know that all of this isn't just a dream or nightmare?
Heh, my mother scared away some JWs once, because she got all excited telling them about a crusade she'd attended! And if you ever want to torture some door to door evangelists, just send them over to Patrick's. Those poor mormens were trying to leave for over half an hour before they got out!
Anyway, my basic outlook on any religious teaching is that some people need it, it makes them feel more significant or whatever they are looking for, but as for myself - I had to get out. There is too much hypocracy, hype, and pressure to be perfect while at the same time being told that noone is perfect.
I'll just take whatever I find useful from it, just like everything else: music, theatre, movies, conversations, experience, observation. I think I'm doing alright, just haven't found a direction yet.

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