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*sigh* [Jun. 10th, 2010|03:12 pm]
[Current Location |my house]
[Current Mood |stressedstressed]
[Current Music |Blink 182]

My moods have been altering so much lately, and my anxiety has been elevated. I've also been having horrible dreams about moving and my mom adopting other children. I've been sleeping a lot and am not really motivated to get up or dressed for any thing.

[User Picture]From: _radioactivity
2010-06-10 07:27 pm (UTC)
*hugs* im kind of going through the same situation right now. except my nightmares involve my boyfriend leaving me. ive been taking way more klonopin than i was. i was doing really good. this shit just comes out of no where. man is it frustrating.

hope u feel better soon!
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2010-06-10 09:41 pm (UTC)

I'm still feeling bummmed, but am cooking a "real" dinner (mashed potatoes, stuffed chicken, veg). Not sure if I'll go swimming tonight or not.

I haven't really been doing/taking anything differently, so I'm not sure what's up. And it's too early to be PMS.
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[User Picture]From: _radioactivity
2010-06-11 04:16 am (UTC)
Hey if you dont go swimming tonight, how about tomorrow? i love to swim it is such a stress reliever for me.

maybe you are just in a bit of a funk right now. hopefully it will pass soon!

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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2010-06-11 07:39 pm (UTC)
Have to do laundry tonight, but I do hope to go swimming again soon! (I don't drive, so I depend on my sister for rides.)
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