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So yesterday I went grocery shopping with my mom; she bought us about $80 worth of groceries, so we won't have to do any major grocery shopping for the rest of the summer. Before she showed up, I finished unpacking the rest of my books, and hung up two pictures on the wall. When we got back, Amber went to bed and I broke down the boxes we had brought the groceries in, swept the floors downstairs, and put up the shelf for my videos/her games. She seemed really pleased with the results. :) Last night all I did was install some programs on my computer and tried to read. I got really bored not having Internet and no one to talk to. I called about 4 people, but I was still lonely. I don't know why I've been feeling so lonely lately. I know I have a need to feel wanted which stems into my dependant traits, but everyone wants to be wanted. I've been thinking of calling up my uncle and having him take me to Dunnvile to see my grandparents for a few days, but I'm still thinking about it. I'm also considering staying in Welland for a few days if I can get rides. I miss my K-girl so much. Last night while I was bored, I thought about how all we did in Cobalt every night was watch tv and knit, but it's not the same doing it by yourself. :(
It's good to have online access again. Amber and I were both getting a little edgy I think not having it. I know I was getting frustrated not being able to fix it. I woke up this morning and saw that it was after twelve. At first I felt bad but then I thought, It's not like I had anything to do today. So I came in to see my darling Ambers and since I was not fully awake yet, I had the nerve to call MountainCable and they told me how to fix it. So I've been writing journal entries since then, after briefly checking my e-mail. I'm thinking that ince I finish this, I'll have some cereal and read more of my book, or else play Shivers, now that I can find a walk-through. :) More than likely I'll watch Passions at 3:30 and maybe call my uncle later tonight. More than likely I'll end up playing Animal Crossing at some point during the day. If I get really bored I might hit the job boards and get cracking on that, or else see if I can play Kingdom Hearts.
Yes, my lazy boring life. I hate it too.

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