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Blah blah blah [Apr. 11th, 2010|10:25 pm]
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(Re: iTunes:) Finally vanquished the dreaded letter N! The only real bitch of it was the ones labeled "[non-album tracks]", which took for-freakin-ever, but I finally got that done! I may take a break from the project and enjoy the weather a bit more often. Last week I had an excuse as it was gloomy and rainy most of the week. O shouldn't take that long. I think the next big pain will be when I get to the numbered tracks/titles.
Saw "The Last Song" with my sister and her friend Tara today. Apparently the book is sadder than the movie. It was alright. Had McD's after the movie as it was the last day for the coupons. This (movie and food) was my "thank-you" treat to my sister for driving to PA.
Had breakfast with Ed & Elaine and then we went to Liquidation World!
I am retardedly horny right now and it's not even the regular point in my cycle, but then, I was taking a half-dose of my anti-depressant for a few days, so that may be the cause.
And, hormones aside, I miss my boyfriend. :( I haven't seen him since the funeral visitation and before that the last time we really got to spend together was Valentine's Day (and then we both got sick). :(
Going to try playing RawDanger. Have a night, all!