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Had a great day today. Had a few hiccups when it came to picking up meds, but everything got straightened out fairly easily. Got everything on my grocery list except for cookies (they didn't have the kind I wanted) and vegetable juice (didn't have the brand I had a coupon for).
Had the most unhealthy diet today. A giant s'mores icecream from Marble Slab Creamery and a BigMac with fries. Whoo.
Bought myself the new Barenaked Ladies cd. (Whee!) Then we went and saw Hot Tub Time Machine. (yay, Canadian movie!) Oh, I also bought a strainer type thing for my bathtub drain. (go dollarmart!)
Dispensed my meds and wrote out cheques for the landlord. Wow, it's already 9pm? Wasn't sure what I was going to do with my evening, but it seems to be taking care of itself.
Plan on going to see The Last Song tomorrow with my sister. Yay weekend. I just hope I'm not skint by Monday!

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