Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Well, I guess I haven't updated in a while.

I now have a house-guest (Gizmo) and he has warmed up to me considerably, so I think his visit here will go smoothly.
I got to spend some time with Les & Mandy last week, and even though we didn't get to rescue the people, I had a really good time.
Had an exhausting weekend as the whole family had to get together to go through my grandmother's things. :/ It wasn't bad, just exhausting. And I got to talk to my aunt and mom a bit as well. Came out about how far things went with my uncle. Also showed my mom my scar and the reason behind it. Was going to spill about M but we got to talking about other things.
My damaged harddrive has been shipped and received. Just waiting on a quote now.
Went to Kyle Blackwell's stag^2 on Sunday. Had fun and we won a draw. Saw Mandy's cousin there. I couldn't remember where I'd seen her before!
Haven't seen my boyfriend in over a month. Haven't spoken in over a week. Sporadic emails. I don't know how I feel.
Looking forward to choir practice tomorrow and Natasha's wedding this weekend. Maybe get to see L&M on Thursday.

My sister shut off the gas in her apartment, so when I spent the night, I got a cramp in my sleep from scrunching up for warmth! The next night, it was too warm in the hotel room. LOL.

If I don't post again beforehand - HAPPY EASTER/SPRING.

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