Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Been a pretty good day so far.

Other than my ankle aching, today has been pretty good. I did have to pull myself out of bed, but succeeded.
Had a great cab driver, so I didn't have to wait after my appointment.
Was starting to disassocite before therapy but the session went well.

Even the dream I had about my ex (that she gave birth to a daughter) didn't really bother me. She was upset that her fiance wasn't there, and I kept explaining that it was still his baby even if I was there when she was born... It was something she needed to be reassured of in the dream.

Feeling super tired (brain/eyes) but also hungry. And I wish my ankle would stop hurting. One day down, five more to go until the big adventure.

Today is also "fred" & mine's 9th monthaversary. Wondering if he'll remember lol.

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