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Up to date (sort of)

Finally finished editing my iTunes up to the letter C. It's almost insane that it has taken me this long to do only TWO letters (by album titles)! I also haven't been adding any new tracks to iTunes (excluding podcasts and new music Tuesday singles) until I finish editing what I already have in there. At least once it's done it'll be done for good (until my hard drive and iPod crash simultaneously...)

Not looking forward to therapy tomorrow. I know it is good and all, but I am pre-exhausted just thinking about what it is going to be like tomorrow (exhausting and emotional). I am the most tempted to skip the session than I have been in a long while. Hopefully my sister will come over tomorrow and make sure I go.

Just planning on relaxing today. It has been a very exhausting week, especially Friday. I am going to stay in my pajamas all day and probably read for a bit and then watch a bit of Stargate SG-1 and knit.

These pajamas my sister gave me light up when you move, and last night was the first time I wore them. In the middle of the night, I thought there were firetrucks going by because of the flashing red lights, but it was just my pajamas! :)

I'm sure there is a whole lot I could post about that has happened in between posts, but I don't feel like dragging it up right now. My grandmother is still ill. My mom has the flu and has to start a new job tomorrow. I have no idea where my relationship is going (if anywhere). Les & Mandy and my sister have been awesome.

Found this last night. Rather amusing.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

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