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Just thinking...

BPD seems to be easily explained as Social Interaction Disorder (I just came up with that myself). I know there is some kind of name called Emotional Regulation Disorder (or something) and that fits too, but the less I interact with others, the less my symptoms exhibit. So, that's what led me to this name that I just figured out.

Trying hard not to be jealous/depressed right now. I know I did it to myself. Can't help but wonder if she has forgiven me yet (or ever will). Which begs the question as to whether I ever did anything wrong to require forgiveness, but that's besides the point to my guilt-ridden soul.

Going to make some food and watch vids until bed. Been feeling the urge to play mindless internet games lately, but haven't bothered browsing for any. Might try to reload iWin client.

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