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Meh - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Meh [Nov. 23rd, 2009|05:36 pm]

- Available: no

- Age: will be 28 in 6 days

- Annoyance: socks with holes, loud noise while I am trying to sleep

- Allergic: penicillin, aspirin, zoloft

- Animal: cats

- Actor: Tom Hanks

- Beer: no thanks

- Birthday/Birthplace: November 29, Hamilton, ON

- Best Friends: Kimberly Joy Hoff, Ian James Anderson

- Body Part on opposite sex: hair

- Best feeling in the world: being high

- Blind or Deaf: I'm practically blind already... Don't think I could live without music

- Best weather: an Autumn day where it is warm enough to just wear pants and long-sleeves (no jacket)

- Been in Love: yes

- Been bitched out?: by my sister

- Been on stage?: yeah (with choir, school plays)

- Believe in yourself?: not so much lately

- Believe in life on other planets: yes, but not like us

- Believe in miracles: not really

- Believe in magic: I want to

- Believe in God: sometimes

- Believe in Satan: there is definitely Evil

- Believe in Santa: no

- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Definitely!

- Believe in Evolution: evolution is a scientific process. I do not believe human life evolved strictly from an amoeba, but evolution itself (adaptation) is fact.

- Car: no thanks

- Candy: skittles, sweet tarts

- Colour: yellow, blue, purple

- Cried in school: yeah

- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate!

- Chinese/Mexican: chinese

- Cake or pie: cake

- Countries to visit: Latvia, Australia, Finland, Great Britain

- Day or Night: Night

- Dream vehicle: teleporter

- Danced: I wish I could

- Dance in the rain?: did once, with Kalena

- Dance in the middle of the street?: same time as the rain

- Do the splits?: Have never been able to

- Eggs: scrambled or deviled, please

- Eyes: blue-green

- Everyone has: a secret

- Ever failed a class?: a bunch in uni

- First crush: Jeff Dakin

- Full name: Nineveh Rains

- First thoughts waking up: I want to sleep more

- Food: CARBS

- Greatest Fear: being trapped in my body after I die

- Giver or taker: giver

- Goals: to be a mother

- Gum: green 5

- Get along with your parents?: yes. I love my mom.

- Hair Colour: purple :P

- Height: 160cm

- Happy: briefly

- Holidays: my birthday

- How do you want to die: sooner rather than later

- Health freak?: I wish

- Hate: suffering

(In guys/girls)
Eye colour: I don't usually notice until later, most of them have brown eyes

Hair Colour: blond!!

Height: taller than me

Clothing Style: comfortable/clothes that fit

Characteristics: humorous, caring

- Ice Cream: yes

- Instrument: guitar (I can't play but wish I could)

- Jewelry: necklaces and bracelets

- Job: community moderator

- Kids: still waiting

- Kickboxing or karate: karate

- Keep a journal?: LJ

- Longest Car Ride: Ontario to Alberta

- Love: is humanity's saving grace

- Letter: q

- Laughed so hard you cried: yeah

- Love at first sight: I don't know. I know I have an intrinsic connection with someone.

- Milk flavour: Chocolate soy

- Movie: crazy/Beautiful

- Mooned anyone?: other than sex partners lol

- Marriage: still waiting

- Motion sickness?: ugh

- McD's or BK: McD

- Number of Siblings: 1.5

- Number of Piercings: 2 (one in each ear)

- Number: 1 000 000 005

- Overused Phrases: lame

- One wish: legal drugs

- One phobia: bridges

- Place you'd like to live: Canada :)

- Pepsi/Coke: Either, but I am more of a Pepsi person now. Drank Coke a lot in highschool

- Quail: no thanks

- Questionnaires: when I'm bored

- Reason to cry: insecurity

- Reality T.V.: waste of time

- Radio Station: 610AM

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: can't

- Song: the one Paulii posted (Friends by Flight of the Concords)

- Shoe size: 7 I think?

- Sushi: when I'm in the mood for it

- Skipped school: once

- Slept outside: yes.

- Seen a dead body?: no

- Smoked?: I have

- Skinny dipped?: no

- Shower daily?: no

- Sing well?: I haven't been kicked out of the choir.

- In the shower?: no

- Swear?: yeah

- Stuffed Animals?: puff-squishies! yes

- Single/Group dates: single

- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

- Scientists need to invent: teleportation

- Time for bed: 12:30am

- Thunderstorms: sometimes

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: no

- Unpredictable: depends who you are

- Under the influence?: not often

- Understanding?: try to be

- Vegetable you hate: brusselsprouts

- Vegetable you love: potatoes

- Vacation spot: away

- Weakness: pretty boys, old man crushes lol

- When you grow up: don't want to

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: no one, Kalena in some ways when it comes to selfesteem

- Who makes you laugh the most: my sister

- Worst feeling: not wanting to be here

- Wanted to be a model?: yeah, I wish

- Where do we go when we die: around, somewhere...

- Worst weather: snowstorms

- Walk with a book on your head?: haven't tried in a while

- X-Rays: can hurt

-Year it is now: 2009

-Yellow: my clour

- Zoo animal: penguins, zebras

- Zodiac sign: Saggitarius

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: Fred

2. Last person to see you cry?: probably my therapist

3. Went to the movies with you?: Leah or J

4. You went to the mall with?: Fred

5. You went to dinner with?: Elaine, Ian, and Mike

6. You talked to on the phone?: my sister?

7. Made you laugh?: Don't know right now

[User Picture]From: _leafy
2009-11-24 06:43 pm (UTC)

Just felt like giving you a hug. Love you! ♥
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2009-11-24 07:09 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you!

*hugs back*

That song was stuck in my head the rest of the day. :)
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