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I guess today is a better day.

I didn't get to go shopping today because J's mom took his car, but we've rescheduled that for tomorrow. Unexpectedly got to see my love for a little while tonight. Elaine unexpectedly called me up if I wanted to go eat in Burlington, and I asked if it was alright for me to invite Mike since he lives only a block away. He wasn't feeling very well though. :( The food also wasn't very good. I remember breakfast being a lot better.
The purpose of the trip was to drop Ian off at his place along with a few of his things. I think Ian and Mike are getting more comfortable around each other now. They seemed to hold conversation less awkwardly this time.
Even though all I've felt like doing this week is staying in bed all day, I have been pretty active. I've gone out almost every day this week and will be for at least the first half of next week. Just thinking about it exhausts me but I think it is probably better for my depression.
I cleaned out the bottom of the fridge tonight and need to wash out the vegetable drawers when I wash dishes tomorrow. Also cleaned the bathroom while I was at it.
Spent most of today installing iTunes and importing all my media. Meddled with the podcasts but I don't think I am going to sync my iPod for a while as there are so many podcasts to catch up on.
I need a better place to sit at my computer. This current setup screws up my back if I sit for prolonged periods.
Going to bed after these cds finish ripping.

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