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Oh jeezus

Hi, Sarah!
I've often thought about you and have wondered how things are going
with you!
It's been a year now since I saw you at your Dad's wedding.
I saved the photos that were taken of you and I, and Leah and I.
It was nice of you to pose with a fat old man like me!
I sure hope you and Leah are doing well! I have fond memories of the
two of you when you were little kids, when I'd visit your family in
Best regards,

You have no idea how much this wierds me out. This guy was the best man at my father's wedding. During his speech, he said, "When I first met Teddy 20 years ago I never thought I'd be the best man at his wedding."
Yeah! Cuz he was MARRIED!!!
It's just strange having these older men "thinking" about me and making comments about a hot thing like me having anything to do with middle-aged men such as them. *creeped to the max*

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