Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,


Sorry for being such a bad LJ friend lately. I'm gonna try to catch up on my flist tonight and tomorrow.
This week marked my third "monthaversary" with my sexy Fred. I sent him a sappy love letter. It's been years since I wrote one of those.
Had a rather good day other than cramps. Got my bag of Hallowe'en candy. :) Vanilla Tootsie Rolls FTW!
I guess there's just been a whole lot of nothing going on. I'm working on getting rid of my debt and waiting on a parcel. Did a bit of my x-stitch the other day. Still listening to Prisoner of Azkaban and trying to read my way through A Tale of Two Cities.
It's already cold here in my apartment at night! Broke out the comforter last night.
So sleepy. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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