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Today was pretty boring. All I did today was finish my book, play Animal Crossing, do laundry, unload the dishwasher, and make lunch. Oh, I also cleaned out the cat litter but how fun is that? Mostly I've just been bored today. I'm horny and haven't been having any success and all I'm doing is waiting for tomorrow to happen so that I can get all my stuff into this house. Then I'll have a fun time of unpacking everything and trying to make things fit. I don't think the wardrobe is going to have a place in our home. :( But at least I can keep it in storage for a little while. So tomorrow is basically shipping everything into the house, then on Wednesday it's oma's birthday. I guess that leaves me with Wednesday evening, Thursday, and Friday morning to unpack. I really hope my pretty boy comes to see me... I think I'm just bored right now, and when I get bored I get easily depressed. Today boring, yesterday frustrating. mew :( *sigh*
*digs through box of books to find one to read*
I haven't even gotten dressed today.

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