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I <3 my Moose.
We had a great night tonight. I had an incredibly unhealthy dinner of poutine and a coffee crisp, but it was fun. We both got to use $3 off coupons, so I got my ticket for a reasonable price. ($6.49)
We watched "Julie & Julia" and were the youngest ones in the room! It actually was a really decent film. Gonna have to look up if there are any of the original shows on YouTube or anything.

My ears are kinda bugging me and I think I may be allergic to the lotion I put on, as my nose has been running constantly. (Sorry, TMI.)

My awesome sister vaccuumed my house for me.

Last night my computer pissed me off severely. So I took today "off" and ran disk checks and defrags on all the drives. As far as I know, the re-install has been a success. I need to do an actual format soon, but am afraid to do it alone, only because drivers hate me and I get frustrated easily. I also ned to invest in a cooling fan for my laptop. I figure the $20 is worth it to get a few more years life out of the thing. I currently keepa fan blowing on the machine at all times while it is on. This seems to be doing the trick for now.

Breaking my hi-score on Dr. Mario. Currently at 464000 :)

I miss my Fred. I can't wait to see him again.

Leah and I looked at TurtlePond Toys and they had an LEGO RV! I wanted it so bad; it was only $20. *pout* Unfortunately I am flat broke until my cheque comes in and will most likely quickly return to the same status shortly thereafter. That's what I get for spending all my money on other people. :P

Oh, and they used Douglas Adams' quote about deadlines in the movie. So glad they actually credited him this time. [ROCK ON!]

Before my computer decided to be a jerk yesterday, I got through editing files on my iTunes, all albums beginning with the letter A. Yes, it took several hours, so that should give you a bit of an idea of how much music I have...

I spent today playing Dr. Mario and listening to Harry Potter. I am thinking of spending tomorrow playing Paper Mario. lol. Different system though, so that'll mix it up a bit!

And, man, you know you are getting old when you can say, "Back in my day..." and have an actual story. Even just arcade games these days... $2??? That's, what, 800% inflation? (Forgive my rustly math skills.)
And even "They don't make 'em like they used to." I learned that truth at a rather young age. (Probably when I was 10.) And it was true even then.

I'm glad today went so much better than last night.

I'm sorry that everything is a test.

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