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Canadian not-so-wild life. - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Canadian not-so-wild life. [Aug. 19th, 2009|10:41 pm]
[Current Location |Welland]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

Today was the fieldtrip to Zooz aka "Safari Niagara". I'd never been to the place while it was open (they have after hours concerts during the summer), so it was interesting. Got to see a cute owl and some baby monkeys. There were other generic zoo-type animals: giraffe, kangaroo, hippo, zebra, etc. They had the 3 cats indigenous to Canada: lynx, bobcat, and cougar. Yay kitties! I felt bad for all the parrots/macaws because in the wild they live in flocks, but for the most part they were all alone in their cages here. :( There was some kind of animal related to the raccoon that stank so bad! The tigers looked starved. Most of the animals were sleeping because it was so hot. There were way too many mosquitos as well.
In the petting farm, there were baby Bantam chicks. We also saw a baby pigeon that hadn't grown all it's feathers yet. The miniature horse was cute but it's eyes were extremely large and creepy.
The moose was too tired to come out and see Leah. We saw a far away moose that we tried to take pictures of, but it was not for public viewing as they were trying to mate them (according to staff). Also, the lions were cordoned off, as they had been charging the electric fence earlier in the day. Supposedly, this was because they had just had a cub.
If any of the pictures actually turned out, I'll post a few when I get back to my card-reader. (Probably a week from now-ish.)
Lots of sun; lots of walking.
Free sno-cones and cotton candy.
I enjoyed the day.