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So, I had a good time in Burlington, other than that my back decided to flare up, so I was in pain most of the time. :(
Got to meet Mike's mom, and she is pretty cool. She wants us over to her place for supper sometime and meet the grandkids. :)
Watched Adventureland, a bunch of Invader Zim, Code Monkeys, and IT Crowd. Played a bit more in Silent Hill as well.

Elaine showed up this morning for breakfast, so I had her give me a lift to pick up my meds. Thankfully, as it was pissing rain.
Got my meds all dispensed and picked up a litre of milk. Also got those bra things (strap-aways?) that Trisha mentioned. $4 isn't a bad price.
Other than that, started a new book (We Need To Talk About Kevin) and Paper Mario for GameCube. Probably will be more of the same for the rest of the evening.

Bella was good while I was gone, so she gets to have her collar off today. She has been very vocal and social since I got home.

I'm feeling kinda chatty but also don't want to sit at the computer for too long.

I hope everyone is well.

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