Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

50 Book Challenge 2008

1. And I Don't Want to Live This Life by Deborah Spungen (biography) - The life of Nancy Spungen as chronicalled by her mother.
2. Stop Walking On Eggshells by Paul Mason & Randi Kreger (self-help) - Advice for living with someone with BPD.
3. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (fiction) - A gothic classic.
4. The Road by Cormac McCarthy (fiction) - A man and his son struggle to survive in a post apoctaliptic world.
5. Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho (fiction) - A story of finding meaning in life.
6. The Journey With Jonah by Madeline L'Engle (play) - A script based on the biblical story of Jonah
7. Pool-Hopping and Other Stories by Anne Fleming (fiction) - A collection of short stories by a Canadian lesbian.
8. Insatiable: The compelling story of four teens, food, and its power by Eve Eliot (fiction) - A story of four girls who suffer various eating disorders
9. Slim to None: A Journey Throughthe Wasteland of Anorexia Treatment by Jennifer Hendricks (memoir) - A young women struggles with anorexia for 11 years before giving in
10. No Logo by Naomi Klein (non-fiction) - This book examines the brands/corporations/businesses that envelop our lives.
11. Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett (fiction) - Book 3 of the Discworld series.
12. Ducky by Ann M. Martin (fiction) - book 5 of the California Diaries series.
13. Reflex by Steven Gould (fiction) - A man capable of teleportation is kidnapped and experimented upon
14. In The End by Pink Psycho (manga) - Really sweet yaoi about a teacher and his pupil
15. Dog Style #1 by Modora Motoni (manga) - A yaoi series about two loners
16. Does Thou Know? by Satoru Ishihara (manga) - yaoi of two kendo rivals
17. Surrogate Wife by Valerie X. Scott & Herbert d'H Lee (non-fiction) - The story of a Masters & Johnson sexual therapist and the nine cases she treated.
18. The Quiet Room by Lori Schiller (non-fiction) - A woman describes her battle against schizophrenia
19. A Lifetime of Secrets by Frank Warren - the 4th PostSecret book
*(audio)20. Mimzy Were the Borogoves by Lewis Padgett (fiction) - The short story basis for the movie "The Last Mimzy"
21. Supertoys Last All Summer Long (and other stories of future time) by Brian Aldiss (fiction) - Includes 3 short stories that the movie AI was based off of.
22. Chain Reaction by Dee Davis (fiction) - A sole survivor of a nuclear explosion is wrongly pinned as a terrorist
23. Rose of Rhine by Megami Minami (manga) - A king and his advisor stand together in battle
24. Icy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio (fiction) - A young girl living in Kentucky struggles with Tourette's Syndrome
*(audio)25. jPod by Douglas Coupland (fiction) - Life inside (and out of) a cubicle quad.
26. When Did Ignorance Become A Point Of View? by Scott Adams (comics) - book 18 of the Dilbert series
27. Another Day In Cubicle Paradise by Scott Adams (comics) - book 19 of the Dilbert series
28. Guys: Not Real Bright And Damn Proud of It by William Thomas (humour) - annecdotes from a newspaper collumnist
29. Moving Forward by Dave Pelzer (self-help) - getting rid of the crap that weighs you down
30. Sightings: UFOs by Susan Michaels (paranormal) - A history of UFO sightings and experiences
31. Tweak by Nic Sheff (memoire) - Growing Up On Methamphetamines
32. The Chase by Brenda Joyce (fiction) - A daughter's father and uncle are under inspection, by the man she loves, for murder
33. Here's Your Sign by Bill Engvall (humour) - annecdotes of stupidity
34. Tweaked by Katherine Holubitsky (fiction) - a son destroys his family with drug addiciton
35. Chocolate for a Woman's Soul by Kay Allenbaugh (inspirational) - akin to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series
36. Coffee Pot Poetry by Kim Hoff (poetry) - Kim's first published collection of poetry
37. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks (psychology) - A book of case studies involving brain impairment
38. The Shadow Theives by Anne Ursu (fiction) - Two cousins must save the Underworld from being over-thrown
39. The Brotherhood of Joseph: A Father's Memoir of Infertility and Adoption in the 21st Century by Brooks Hansen (memoire) - male perspective of the frustration of infertility
40. Dark Ages: Nosferatu by Gherbod Fleming (fiction) - part one of a 13 novel series
*(audio)41. I Am America (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert (humour) - Stephen discusses the core components of a true American
42. No Time to Wave Goodbye by Ben Wicks (memoire) - A collection of memories from English children who were evacuated during the war
43. The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie (fiction) - A spy thriller with plenty of British humour
44. Running From Safety by Richard Bach (spiritual being) - The author teaches his child-self important ideas about life.

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