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If I told you, it wouldn't count.

Not that you ever read this, but I'm holding out for you to message me first. I'm tired of always running after you.


In other news, I had a rather productive day. Still have no voice, but made it to my dentist appointment. Dispensed pills, made my bed, and put away laundry before my cab came. When I got back home, I put away my birthday gifts, put up Christmas decorations, wrote cards and packaged up parcels. Had chicken strips, french fries, and salad for supper. Watched a movie called "I am an S+M writer". I think it's Japanese, but I enjoyed it.

Got my gtalk problem fixed, now I just need to figure out how to fix the rest of the protocols.

On the docket for tomorrow:

mail letters
put out trash and recycling
wash dishes
build Lego :)

I won't be going to choir tomorrow as I have no voice and don't want to cause an epidemic at the old peoples place. I really hope my voice comes back for the wassail on Friday. I'm thinking that even if I have no voice, I might still go just so my mom goes. Cuz she had so much fun last year, I would hate for her to miss it.

Too tired to write more right now.

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