Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

I haven't been properly updating much recently, it seems. My mood has pretty much been all over the place lately. For now, I am blaming the weather. I'm "alright", but walking a little too close to the edge, or something. And I don't have another therapy appointment until December (but that was my idea).
A bunch of good stuff has happened. I got 2 cds that Kim made for me, and I ordered her book and it arrived a lot quicker than expected.
I guess my thoughts and moods are rather fleeting. Rapid cycling perhaps.
There are a lot of movies I would like to re-watch, but there are so many more that I have yet to see.
I wore earrings to the preformance tonight. And Elaine said I did well on second (soprano - I usually sing first).
I've been thinking a lot about how inappropriate my feelings were as a pre-teen/teenager, or maybe I just feel guilty for expressing them. I chalked it all up to lacking a father-figure, but I'm wondering if it was that simple. I know there's not much of a point of dwelling on it, but I've always been one keen on understanding.
I'm very sad about Wayne. I tried talking to him tonight. I told Kay I'd call her up for a chat. Lisa was crying. I had to try really hard not to cry too.
I've been really close to crying a lot lately. I probably should just get it all out.
It occurs to me that a lot of my friends dislike each other. I wonder if that is because of my adaptability that I am good friends with such diverse people. Or maybe they aren't all that different from each other.
Jeff Dunham is a rather talented ventriloquist.
Alright, that's all I can come up with for now.

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