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Political decisions - putting it out there [Oct. 1st, 2008|03:01 pm]
Okay, so there is pretty much nothing on the Conservative page that I care about other than their section on Accountability. And the Liberal's page is so full of political jargon. They never do anything while in power anyway, other than give themselves money.
I'm seriously looking at People's Political Power Party although I am a bit nervous about their "eliminating welfare" policy.
I agree with the Canadian Action Party against the formation of the NAU (North American Union), but I don't think it's necessary to destroy NAFTA.
One thing that confuses me about the various campaigns is the focus on "womens issues". I'm a woman in this country and don't feel oppressed or anything. I think there are more important issues that should be focused on. Perhaps it's just a tactic to get votes?
The party I stand behind (and always have) is New Democratic Party. I especially agree with their plan to "Establish a special program to allow "Iraq War resisters" from the US to remain in Canada." I also agree with changing the electoral system from "first past the post" to "proportional representation". (I voted for this in a recent reform, but many people did not understand the vote and it was not passed.)

FYI for my non-Canadian friends: our election is on October 14