Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,


Okay, so Kalena and I just moved about 12 wagon loads of stuff over to her new place. The landlord asked her for rent which she doesn't have. Also while I was passed out for a few hours the old landlord came and took all the furniture so yay floor!!!! Kalena and I both had no sleep that we were having to crawl up the stairs the last few times to get the stuff from the wagon. I tried to get Adam to chauffeur the stuff with his car but Matt said he'd just gone out and loser Pansy went to Radio Shack instead of helping us. So we just got frosties from Wendy's because it is hot out, now we are having something to eat before we move the last load in the car of Twinky's friend and then a short mattress parade down the street and ONE LAST wagon load to Emery's place!!!!! After that we'll probably get about 3 hours sleep before Twinky wants us to come over and get high which is the plan for the night. He promised he'd buy me pizza. Then we are to go crash at Emery's so when my mom shows up Monday morning I can shove the last of my stuff into storage, then K-girl and I take off to North Bay.

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