Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Had a rather productive day. Bought some strawberries from the market, unpacked from my weekend adventures, sorted out receipts/bills, recorded and posted those songs (previous entry), did a bunch of iTunes stuff, posted (pictures of) my marvelousmail postcards, listened to Shiny Toy Guns. :) Also got groceries and meds. Sorted meds. Ate supper, watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force. So now I have 2 days of relaxing, other than finishing up Kalena's cd. I'll probably end up checking PoF and Yahoo tomorrow as well. Maybe play some iWin games. Gotta make a payment on my Visa bill as well.
That's pretty much it.
Well, except for the fact that my bathroom taps no longer shut off at all other than at the mains. I phoned Jack and left a voice mail, hopefully he'll call back tomorrow or something. For now, the kitchen sink will be getting more usage. :P
Nap time!

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