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Thoughts and memories.

I think my mind is (finally) starting to get to me.
The other day (IRL) I saw Breanna's mom and brother. Her mom is rather a harsh person, so I didn't say anything, but then that night I had a a dream about Bre. The last I heard from her (IRL), she was asking if she could live with me. She was supposed to come over for a visit but never showed up. I don't know.

So, just now, I had an extensive dream about GJD and his family. Why does he have to keep haunting me? After waking up, I realised that if/when I write a memoir, he'll have to be in it. It frustrates me to no end the way things happened. And I just realised that I know absolutely nothing about his wife's family (ie parents, siblings, etc). Not that it matters. It's just curious.

I guess a memoir would be a good thing, in that I could get a chance to say all the things I cannot say to those who refuse to listen. But people will believe what they want, regardless. Still, it beats an aimless LJ entry.

I don't know.

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