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Two very emotionally harsh dreams: 1. Melanie was moving back to… - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 11th, 2008|12:49 pm]
[Current Mood |hyperintense]

Two very emotionally harsh dreams:

1. Melanie was moving back to Ontario. What upset me, was that Ian & Laura knew about it before I did. I was seething with anger. Really really angry. I guess unreasonably so, but it was a dream after all.

2. The second dream was one of love found and love lost. In the dream, I was a 30 year old maiden, and there was a group of men. He had a full name in my dream, but right now, I can only remember Andrew. The men ended up having to go off to war. By the time they returned, all his pals knew we were sweet on each other and arranged for us to meet. The meeting was so blissful it bordered on pain and we knew it was true love, fate, destiny, soul mates. But the men were called back to war, and my character died of (accidental) poison before her love could return.


I am tempted to go back to sleep, if only to feel a semblance of that love-ache. But I need to get up, or else I'll be spending all day in bed.

[User Picture]From: phantomeor
2008-07-12 03:28 am (UTC)

more than likely, if i ever move back to ontario, the first person to know would be who ever read LJ first :D

what's funny is i was just talking about missing you guys, and missing a burger (the works - up in ottawa)...how very odd!

*hugs* again!
misses you lots!!!!
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2008-07-13 01:27 am (UTC)
Yeah, that makes sense. I don't know why I had that dream.
I've been writing you a novel/letter. I'll probably send it out at the end of this month or beginning of next.

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[User Picture]From: phantomeor
2008-07-14 06:12 am (UTC)
i look forward to it :)

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