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Sea of Gold & Burgundy

As you may or may not know, there is a huge event going on downtown today. It's like $30 admission for a bunch of bands. Well, the Strega Cafe had a free alternate event. Sea of Gold & Burgundy was the second set. I loved their songs and talent and am disappointed that they don't yet have an album. The best part was that people who had paid the $30 for the other event were walking in to Strega. Which I think is totally awesome! Go underdog!!!
Their next show is at the Merchant Ale House on July 6th. Anyone local who loves bands should go! (Sadly, I will be out of town.) I know Liz would definately love them.

The only down side about today is that I drank 3 cups of coffee, so i am gonna have the shits the rest of the day! (I rarely drink coffee, and usually only one cup!)

Omg, my life is going so well, I'm so scared. This doesn't feel real, but I like it. (Even though I'm scared.)

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