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Okay, so apparently the puppy that I won for Kalena at the carnival moves on it's own. We've already experienced several occasions of this. Freaky demonic carnival prizes.

On another note, I now have a nice collection of new friends. Had to make a trip back to Bayshore to get one of them. It's funny, the past three times I've been in there with a different person each time. :P But I won't be going back there for awhile due to a)lack of funds, b)the rest of the series I'm reading hasn't been published yet, c)I can get my fill of anime from my friends.
So I brought Kalena to the secondhand bookstore with me so I could spend my credit. I got Insomnia by Steven King, one by Dean Koontz that was recommended by Steven King, and another one that's sure to be a good mind fuck. Also got myself a book of erotica for those lonesome summer days.

In other news, I got my cell phone activated (mam insisted on buying one for me) but the reception was shitty and the volume really sucked! Like, I had the volume cranked and could barely hear it, so mam is gonna bitch to her friend that sold it to her. The good news is that since Marc never uses his phone I have indeterminate use of it until I get one that doesn't suck (hopefully from hokus_mouse).

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