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Personal reminder

From j_cat:The goal of his journal is to find out which one of you jerks stole my pants, the occasional highly obfuscated personal note or anecdote may appear as well.
Every time I post some navel gazing or adolescent whining you get a point, every time I post the results of a quiz you get two points, get 10 points and e-mail me and you win a prize.

I'm so excited, but moving is such a pain in the ass! I'm also excited about going to North Bay next week! I called the landlord today to let him know I moved out, now all I have to do is change the landline from my name to Emery's and activate the cell my mom bought me.

I was so weeepy today, but that was cuz mam and I were talking about family and trying to make a decent life for ourselves while moving things out of oma's place... My poor mommy is so stressed; she won't even get to celebrate her (50th) birthday, so I don't feel so bad about missing it but... it's sad. :(

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