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Still getting too old for this.

Had a great and exhausting weekend. Right now I'm too tired to remember many specifics but I did have a lot of fun. I've partially lost my voice from yelling all night. I saw Lacey! omg it has been *years* since I last saw her. There was a single guy there who I thought was cute, but I don't think I was his type. :( I tried to dance near him but he kept moving away. :( And he kept dancing with this older looking lady. :( But he gave me a high-five at one point, so I'll get over it. After I figured out that I was attracted to him, I started thinking "I have nothing to offer this guy". *sigh* He was really tall too. Elisha was going to talk to him for me, but they left before we got a chance. :(
We had tons of fun just goofing around, took a bunch of pix (which will be up on FB).
Oh, and I want to go to GT and get the outfit Elisha wore. I might go look up how late GT is open til today, as there is nothing else I much feel like doing.

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