Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

EB Games

OMG. Why did no one tell me there is a new Silent Hill game???

Anyway, was standing in line at the till; in front of me is a mother and her daughter. They are purchasing a Hanna Montana game for the Wii. They ask me a question about the nunchuck. The mother says something about Wii Boxing and then asks if I "have ever played this game?"
"What? Wii Boxing?"
"No. I saw your Pac-man shirt; I thought you might have played this game (referring to the Hanna Montana one).
"Um, no. I'm buying Silent Hill."
"Yeah, I'm still in the dark ages with my PS2. I don't own a Wii."
"Well, we just got one. I mean, my husband bought one. Not for her (referring to her daughter), for himself."
(Like it matters to me??)
Anyway, by then it was their turn at the till.
What have we learned today? If you are wearing a Pac-man shirt, you obviously are familiar with Hanna Montana video games. Heh.
Totally blog worthy.

In other news. The mic included with American Idol Kareoke Revolution does not work with Singstar, and they were unsure about the one included with Boogie. So, I've got Singstar 90s bundle on pre-order. w00t.

Video games = happiness.

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