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And now for something completely different

Jaime and Vanessa had been friends for over a year, having met during Frosh week at the UBC campus. One of the embarrasing activities they'd had to participate in was a game called Necking where you pass a tennis ball down a line of people using only your neck. This got them acquainted very quickly and they soon realised that they were in the same programme.
About a month later, Vanessa was downstairs in the laundry room wearing her usual laundry day clothing: a bed sheet. While she was putting her clothes into the drier, Jaime walked into the room with a load of laundry, startling Vanessa. Surprised, Vanessa stood up quickly, trying to grab her bedsheet up against her at the last minute, but fumbled and it fell to the floor. Jaime stood stunned and simply stared at Vanessa. Even though they had grown close since their meeting during Frosh week, Jaime had never imaged that she'd be seeing Vanessa naked, let alone in the residence laundry room.
At first Vanessa was embarrased to be walked in on like this, but she had always secretly thought that Jaime was hot and wondered what the situation might lead to. Jaime stood speachless, her basket of laundry still in her hands.
"Here, let me help you with that." Vanessa offered, steeping out of the bedsheet now pooled around her ankles. Jaime hesitated but let Vanessa take the laundry from her.
"W-what...?" Jaime stuttered.
"Shhh." Vanessa whispered, pressing her finger up to Jaime's lips. Slowly, Vanessa ran her hands down Jamie's sides. "Do you like what you see?" She suggested lustily into her ear.
Jaime stared dumbly, unable to get over what was happening. Doesn't she realise there are servailance cameras in here? What if someone walks in?
"Come on," Vanessa coaxed, "I know you want me." She began unbuttoning her friend's shirt.
"Vanessa, I..." Jaime protested, but Vanessa would have none of it and kissed her passionately on the lips, hungrily trying to work her way into her mouth. The senuality caused Jaime to moan and soon she was caught up in the sensation.
Continuing to make out, Vanessa led Jaime over to a running washing machine, and pushed her against it, sliding a hand up her skirt.
"Turn around." Vanessa whispered, and Jaime complied. Vanessa bent Jaime over the drier and proceeded to pleasure her, sliding her fingers between Jaime's moist labia. Vanessa leaned over jaime's warm body to watch her friend's expressions of pleasure; their mouths close enough to kiss.
"Mmmm,"Jaime moaned; her eyes half closed. "I had no idea it'd feel this good."
"If you think that feels good," Vanessa teased, looking deep into Jaime's eyes, "Just wait until you feel this."
Vanessa got up and moved around, but didn't let her fingers leave Jaime's moist hole. Being a girl of the unexpected, Vanessa was always prepared and fetched her favourite dildo from her laundry bag.
After they were finished, Jaime barely had the strenght to stand up. Vanessa held her up in her arms while she tried to steady herself. While leaning against the drier, Jaime adjusted her clothes and Vanessa picked up her blanket and wrapped it around herself. Giving Jaime time to catch her breath, Vanessa finished loading her own clothing into the drier and put Jaime's laundry in the wash for her. Vanessa then took Jaime up to her room to recuperate.
The next day, Jaime could not believe what had happened. She vaguely recalled a few guys walking in and out of the laundry room while Vanessa was pleasuring her, but she wasn't too worried about being recognised since she wasn't the most popular girl on campus. Vanessa on the other hand... how many girls (guys?) had she been with? Whatever the case, she was good, and Jaime wasn't sure how she felt about the experience.

Spring break came around and Vanessa had invited Jaime up to her family's cottage. Ever since that day in the laundry room, Jaime kept wondering if her and Vanessa would ever have another experience like that, but to her disappointment, Vanessa became more occupied with school activities and they didn't see each other as much although they remained close friends.

To be continued...if the dryer wills.

-dedicated to the drier at 144 Ward Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario and to my imaginary friend who inspired this story.

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