Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

It's been a slow day.

I wanted to go to Liquidation World today, but Elaine had work to do and Ed needed the car. Maybe I'll ask my mom if we can stop off on Wednesday.
Watched a disc of Batman the Animated Series (V2d2). Did a bit of knitting.
Listened to music and made cards.
Played a bit of Big Brain Academy (until I had to charge the DS).
Read one of Anne Flemming's stories.
Watched a disc of Sesame Street Old School. Just so happened to be episode 666. o.O
Does anyone remember Sam the Robot? He's freaky! (p.s. I am afraid of robots.)
What's The Name of That Song?
Had left-over Chinese for supper. Watched two hours of American gymnastics with Elaine.
Blah. Weekends suck for online socialising. :(

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