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Beauty is only skin deep?

From: Flounder
Date: Thu Apr 10 22:11:46 2003
I know that hundreds of studies have been done on the whole reaction to beautiful people situation but it is still alarming how this pans out in real life. Is it really that simple? Look good get everything? It is interesting to hear that physical beauty is included as part of a list of situations. Would simply having plastic surgery change your life? And can this tendency to judge by appearances be overcome? Can we learn to look past the outside and pay attention to other aspects of the situation or person?

Obviously not, or I wouldn't have such a shit life.
But then, perhaps things are getting better...


From: jkm
Date: Tue Apr 15 11:18:27 2003
I agree that attractive women are more favourable to men (at first), and attractive men tend to be more favourable to women. But I don't agree that attractive women are usually assumed to be more intelligent than that of the average woman. Isn't there a stereotype that equates beautiful women with stupidity? I know that this is definitely portrayed in TV and movies.

From: Anne-Marie
Date: Wed Apr 16 14:06:38 2003
When considering the ideas brought up in the text about how people react to physical beauty, I am reminded of what evolutionary implications this reflects. It has been suggested that the traits we regard as beautiful, including youthfulness, vigour and a "healthy appearance" are all indicators of health and adaptive fitness. From an evolutionary perspective, it would increase our own reproductive fitness to seek individuals who portray these qualities. Either as a mate or as a close social interactor, we would benefit from being with someone who demonstrates good health and fitness.
I am inferring that people who posess these signs of fitness may also be labelled with traits such as intelligence because being intelligent will promote an individual's ability to interact efficiently within their environment and consequently, to achieve individual fitness. Therefore, maybe our tendency to provide dispositional labels to physical traits emerges from our species' evolution.

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