Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

More crazy dreams

It started out as an outing to Jeff & Christine's. Their house was HUGE, and kinda like a farm in the backyard, with woods at the edge of their property, but from the front, it looked like a normal residential street. A crescent or circle.
So there were like 60 people there and a lot of them were older, some of them elderly, but about half of them our age. There were a few younger kids, but not that many.
Anyway, it gets a little crazy and messed up around here. It turns into a season finale of Dawson's Creek (which I haven't watched in years!), and there's this small cabin on the property that has all these old calendars and two beds. Earlier in the evening, I had gone for a wak down the street and when I came back through the neighbour's side yard, there was this really creepy music playing and J&C had these dusty old portraits facing out the window. It really creeped me out; I went to go show my friends, but by the time they got there the music had changed, so it wasn't so creepy.
Eventually I get bored and my sister and I go to Zellers to buy some candy. Well, while we're in line waiting to pay, stuff keeps appearing with our stuff that we don't want to buy. I keep picking things out and yelling at her cuz I figure she is trying to get me to pay for things she wants until I realise it isn't her. A store clerk finally pulls us aside and tells us it's an experiment they're doing and proceeds to ask us these survey questions. Well, Leah was answering most of them, and I noticed Mr. Fay in line so I went over to talk to him; asked how his grand-daughter was doing. I think he ended us giving us a ride back to J&C's and when we returned, everyone was asleep, and that made me upset. One man was half-awake so I asked him why there wasn't any bonfire this year, and then this lady started crying about her little boy. We all thought he was lost, but it turned out she was just upset because the lother kids were picking on him. A bunch of the teens woke up cuz of the screaming and were bored, so they decided to go bowling (at 3am?).
It pretty much unravels from there.

The dream I had previous to that was I would go to BiWay to take showers and ther e was this girl who would always try to peek in on me while I was showering. On the way, I ran into my old highschool friends that I hadn't seen in years (Lacey, Kerri, Jenny, Patricia) and they came with me. Somehow we end up at my grandparents' house and papa is all pissed off, saying I left dishes in his sink for 2 years. :( So I wash the dishes, and Leah comes in to visit gramma.
Okay, maybe that one's not so wierd, but I left out the part about the bats.
One time on the way to my BiWay shower, I don't know who I was walking with, but it was a male. We were walking through a university campus, pretty late at night and there were all these buildings they were trying to tear down. I asked how could they tear them down when there was so much historical value. I think the answer was to the effect of: the university couldn't afford to make the necessary repairs to keep the buidings functional.
Now here is the part with bats. We are walking towards a building, and there are all these "bats" around and a bunch of people. I think it was supposed to be an experiment, But I didn't like them. They would stick to people's legs and stuff, and the only way to get them to stop was to put them in a shoe.

Okay. hird and final dream (for now). We're in this kind of waiting room/office sort of thing. There's rows of bookshelfs, like in a library, windows at one end. Couches and sidetables by the door, floorplants, mirrors, and a sink.
Well, I don't know why any of us are there, but we decide to larp. It's a ST:TNG larp... (yeah, wierd, I know.) an somehow we are actually wearing the uniforms. Well, so there's two characters that have gone crazy. One male and one female. The male just stares at me when I pass by him, does nothing. Thie girl, however, keeps going on about needing my face; something about jewels. So I am trying to avoid her like anything, but she keeps on my tail the entire time! (But never gets my face.)
So right before game is called, I find a handful of fives in the trash, We're having post-larp discussion, and I ask the guy howcome I didn't antagonize his craziness. Apparently only 3 people potentially could, I was one of them, but I passed the test, so I didn't. Then I made a comment about how at one point I wished we were playing Vampire so that I could use dementation on the crazy girl.

WHY DO MY DREAMS KEEP REMINDING ME OF OTHER DREAMS I'VE HAD?!!! It makes me feel like I'm going crazy!

Okay, enough of that. time to study.

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