Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

It snowed today.

So, it feels like I haven't updated in a while.
Finally got a hold of the doctor's office this morning. Rebooked my appointment.
Ed & Elaine finally phoned Bell. As of tomorrow, we should not be receiving collect calls.
Finished off season 1 of Tru Calling this morning. Spent the afternoon playing Mario Party.
Ian went to pick up Swiss Chalet for supper. Ed and I emptied the dishwasher.
My mom phoned to tell me that oma is in the hospital again. Right now she is stabilised, but they are admitting her for tests. My mom is going up there tomorrow and is supposed to phone me with an update when she gets back.
Went downstairs after supper to go through the Commodore documents. Finished with that until Ian digs some more out of his room.
Leah phoned. We didn't really have much to say today.
I played a bit of AC. Ed and Ian decided to play with the internet. I now have a hardline in my room, so I shouldn't have any trouble getting online from now on (unless our ISP randomly changes the IP address, as they sometimes do).
Dammit! I have a craving for peanutbutter. :( I don't know what is wrong with me, I just kept eating all day today. I'm trying to get back on track of eating properly and sleeping on schedule. Only had chocolate soy milk and a banana for breakfast, but I had a binge last night. I think my self-restraint is collapsing. I'm so not used to there always being food in the house. Well, here I am, but I mean, growing up, that wasn't a luxury I had. So, need to kick up the self disciplin! I know I shouldn't be complaining. Am thinking about a liquid diet, but that would be out of pocket, so...
The wireless emitter thing is now also in my room. I am concerned that it might interfere with my AM radio, but we'll have to see. That would be sad.
I need to exercise or start going for walks again. Nancy said she'll try to go to the pool with me. I just need someone to come to the Y with me. Why does everyone hate swimming? :(
I guess that is enough bitching on my part.
Good night.

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