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I basically played PaperMario all day. :P

I just went outside to take out a bag of trash. There was a fluffy kitty waiting at the door. I petted it and talked to it for a bit, but then it scratched me. :( I am paranoid that I am going to get some kind of infection. :( I dumped a bunch of hydrogen peroxide on it; we don't have any polysporin or anything like that.

After supper, Ed took me to Shopper's to pick up pills. When I called, they said it would be ready today by 2pm. We got there around 6:45pm. They told me it'd be another half hour. We went over to Zehr's and then shopped around Zellers for a bit and took our time. Went back to the drugstore around twenty after 7. They told me it'd be another 5 minutes. It definitely took longer than that. I could feel myself getting agitated, but there wasn't really anything I could do but wait. Ed did laps around the store while I glared at the employees behind the counter. I had to suppress tears. :( Anyway, it was 8pm by the time we left. *sigh*

So tired. I get my rag this week.

In other news, my bubble tea shop is gone. I'm devastated. :(

Spending tonight watching Tru Calling and reading.

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