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BNL dream [Jan. 6th, 2008|05:11 pm]
Weird dream last night but cool.

Was doing some filming for BNL and ended up sitting beside Tyler Stewart (and holding his hand!) while Weird Al preformed. I wanted so badly to ask Al for an autograph but thought that would be lame. I told him (Al) that I had seen him preform in Edmonton and loved it! He made a comment about not liking the fact that there was beer available at his concert. He was so laid back and chill. Tyler was awesome as well. He totally treated me like a normal person and we just talked like it was nothing.

IRL, I just finished watching "The U.S. Verses John Lennon". Taught me a lot about Lennon's political influence. I think Liz would like the film. WAR IS OVER! IF YOU WANT IT"