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What the hell is wrong with everyone?!

I thought Spring was supposed to be the season of love and new beginnings, but all anyone seems to be doing is tearing eachother apart and arguing incessantly!Maybe it's sexual tension, but more likely it's probably just stress. With exams, and moving, and trying to find jobs, and figure out what to do in the Fall, I guess everyone will look for any excuse to wring each other's throats. I'm quite glad that you aren't online afterall, since we'd probably end up getting into an arguement over a few misunderstandings.
*sigh* I missed a pill last night. That's what happens when you can't sleep for 2 nights I guess. God, I can't control what I'm feeling right now. That might be why my perception is what it is right now and I'm so cranky. Or it might just be PMS. Fuck this! Fuck it! I HATE this! *screams!*
*recomposes herself*
Last night my sister came upstairs to tell me something and I was already asleep. I guess I fell asleep around 10pm. I only slept for 8:30am-11:30am on Thursday morning, and from 2am to 6am Friday morning. It was nice that she told me that she was glad that I was sleeping. I'm still so fucking tired tho, and I haven't even begun to study for my exam on Monday >:(
God, I feel sick. I feel really really sick. Everyone seems to be going through troubles and trials and triumphs (if only small ones) and all I am is tired and mental. As soon as I finish this post, I am going to go lock myself in the room for the rest of the night so that I don't end up in an arguement with anyone. What I do in there doesn't matter. Either sleep, cry, or try to study.
Don't worry. I'll get through it this time. I look like I have leprosy on one of my fingers, but tht's what I get for making things worse and not leaving them be.
I've been having terrible dreams. All the them end out alright, but still they are horrible. Perhaps I will post them when I get more time or if I can't sleep tonight.
Right now I feel alone, and indeed I am.

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