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Day 12: "Good-day, and welcome to day twelve." - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Day 12: "Good-day, and welcome to day twelve." [Nov. 24th, 2007|07:51 pm]
My mom rang the doorbell at 10am. Leah got up for a shower and I threw on some clothes. We drove to Niagara Falls, so I could drop off a form and Leah could talk to her Credit Union. We picked up subs before heading to her home in Stevensville. We all had lunch and then sat in the living room to visit for a while. My mom and sister went back into the kitchen to trip Leah's hair. Tom put on Are You Being Served, the movie, so I sort of watched that for a bit. I got the other half of my cake and my mom dropped us off back at my house around 3. Leah went for a nap. I read for a bit and napped a little also. I had a sausage and egg sandwich with leftover potato salad for dinner; Leah had her "traditional" chicken fingers and eggrolls. We also drank cherry 7up. I really like cherry 7up.
After we ate, Leah wanted to go to the store, so we did. When we got back, we watched Clerks and Clerks II while I put her hair in braids. After the movies, it was time for her to pack. Well, all of that was fine until asshole text-messaged her. (See entry: The shit hits the fan for details.) I ended up phoning my mom at 1am and we had a sob-fest. I think I finally passed out shortly after 3am. Leah was still talking to Matthew when I fell asleep.