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The shit hits the fan

My sister's roomate is being a complete dick. Two nights ago, he told her she had until Jan 1st to move out. Last night it went from being Dec 1st to THIS MONDAY at 7pm. The fucker never signed her onto the lease, so he can do whatever he wants. Last night, I sent him this email:
"Hello Paul. This is Sarah, Leah's sister. What I would really like to know is why are you pulling this shit on her when she is out of province and can't do anything? What has she done to hurt you so bad that you are putting her into a situation to make her homeless?? She will be home TOMORROW NIGHT! Why couldn't you wait 2 days to let her enjoy the last days of her vacation? Why are you being such a dick to someone who has been your friend since highschool? Someone who has LENT YOU HER CAR and co-signed you on her CREDIT CARD. All that stuff I said about you when I was pissed off in Edmonton, is obviously true, because if it wasn't, you would have more courtesy and decency than to do this to ANYONE, let alone Leah."
He replies with this:
"Hi Sarah
What business is this of yours???
again you have no say in this matter leah is a big girl and she can handle herself, again if you knew the whole story you would still be on her side cause she is your sister
but yet again i will just delete this email as again this does have nothing to do with yourself
you have a great night and i will talk to you later!"
Well, since he'll "just delete this email", I sent him a one sentence reply, saying that Leah has the hat and I won't be contacting him again.
There is a fucking hell of a lot I would like to say, and I figured that here is the perfect place to do so. If he somehow finds this and wants to bitch, I will totally bring it.
What I would like to say:
"It's my business because SHE IS MY SISTER and you are fucking her over. The only side of the story that I don't know is why you are doing this to her, which would also be what she doesn't know. Oh yeah, we had a fantastic night, trying to figure out where Leah is going to live when she gets back to Alberta TONIGHT."

As you can tell, I am fucking furious and really just want to get stoned out of my mind. I'll be smoking (cigarettes) every chance I get today, and planning on holing up and spending time with my iTunes this evening (after Leah leaves). I seriously think I am feeling murderous. I am shaking so much. I don't know why he has to be a fuckhead.

Sorry about the ranting, but there might be more of it in the near future. I can put up a filter I guess, but I am too pissed off and exhausted to give a fuck right now.

p.s. I am wearing a Mr. Happy shirt for the irony.

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