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Day 10: A Good Day to be Depressed - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Day 10: A Good Day to be Depressed [Nov. 21st, 2007|11:07 pm]
It has been freezing rain all day. We slept in a bit to see if the rain would let up, but no such luck. Around 3pm we phoned for a cab and went to the mall as planned. (Future reference for self: It's about $8 for a cab to the mall.) We went to Ardene and I got a wrap to go with my dress. We walked around and looked in Games-A-Lot before cashing in Leah's scratch tickets. We went to the cd store so Leah could buy Ratatouille. She also bought The Holiday, and a dvd of wrestling matches with Undertaker. She also bought me a movie called Silk. It is one of the Tartan Asia Extreme films; I seem to like those.
We were pretty much done at the mall. I asked Leah if she wanted to cab home or wait for Elaine to get off work. I phoned Elaine from the payphone. I think we had about 45 minutes to kill, so we went to sit in the foodcourt. Leah offered to buy me bubble tea. The other guy was working today, so she got to see who that was. I was going to get strawbery but he said to Leah, "I know her. Tell her we switched flavours and the strawberry isn't good". I've said it before, I absolutely love being a regular of somewhere. It just feels awesome to be recognised in a positive way. Anyway, I ended up getting taro and Leah got a strawberry-banana icecrush.
Elaine showed up around twenty after five. It was still freezing rain. We got to the house and Ed sent her back out for milk. He made macaroni and cheese (from scratch) for dinner. It was delicious, but man, my bowels hated me afterwards.
While I was waiting for dinner, I switched out my old monitor, since Leah kept complaining about the colour. That reminds me, I should have Ed look at my dvd with the marks on it. He's good at fixing that sort of thing. Leah went out to see people from her old church, Ed and I went to choir practice, and Elaine stayed home for a nap and homework. When I got home, my network card wasn't working. Usually, if I restart the computer, it will fix itself, but that didn't happen, so I brought it downstairs for Ed to look at. He's not sure why it wasn't working, but it is working now. Yay.
Well, I am still waiting for my sister to get home. I think I am going to play around on the computer for a bit (while I have the chance!)