Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Day 9: Christmas Comes Early

I get up and finish watching the movie I couldn't stay awake for the night before: The Holiday. It had a sweet but predictable ending. I had a shower, got dressed, put on Xmas tunes, and put some laundry in the wash. I gathered together all of the things to bring to my mom's while we waited for her to pick us up. My mom and aunt arrive together; we get in the car and go. There was so much talking and natering; I was tired of it before we even got to the house! *sigh* My mom stopped off at the credit union to help Leah ask about pre-approved mortgages. We get to the house, and my mom can't find a corkscrew. After 15 minutes of looking everywhere, they decide that they need to go to the hardware store to buy one. This leaves my sister in charge of making gravy. My mom wanted her to make it the cheater way, but Leah would have none of that and made it properly. For some reason, I recorded the gravy making with Leah's camera. After the gravy was made, my aunt and sister are checking on all the rest of the food. It was sort of funny. My mom and Tom finally return with a corkscrew, and dinner is almost ready. before we eat, my aunt wants to take a picture of everyone and she asks Tom to hold this mini tree. Well, you'd think he was being asked to strip or something! He made a huge fuss, saying, "This is ridiculous. Why do you want me to hold a tree in the picture?" He finally shut up and posed for the picture. The food was very good, and I didn't over-eat, which made it even better. There was lots and lots of conversation. Eventually we all move into the living room and open gifts from Leah. I got an iCat, House MD, season 3, and a TY plush pelican. My mom says, "Oh, you're into pelicans now?" No, mom, I just thought it was cute. Then Leah opened her gifts and I think she liked everything. Then there was more conversation.
I forgot the part about dessert. My mom tells me that she is going to take me out on my birthday. Well, that is nice, but I need a dress for the Christmas party I am going to next Friday. So, we find 3 outfits for me to try on. The first one, I wasn't even interested in, but my mom asked me to try it on anyway. I wasn't able to get the second dress done up. The Third outfit, which is the one I was keen on from the beginning, fits great, I just have to be careful not to gain any weight before then. And I need a wrap/shawl/or sweater to go with it. Trying on the clothes was hilarious because Leah was in the room helping me, and she just throws something over my head saying "Put this on." I told her I felt like I had a personal dresser. Then, my smart mother asked if I had shoes to go with the dress, which I didn't, so I tried on two pairs of her shoes. Well, my aunt puts the shoes on my feet as though I was Cinderella. It was amusing but awkward - not in an uncomfortable way, I just haven't had anyone put my shoes on for me since I was a kid.
Okay, so while all this is happening, dessert is being brought out. My mom had a birthday cake for me. It had mandarin oranges, strawberries, and kiwi on top with whipped cream and glaze, and there was custard in the cake between the two layers. Mmmm.
Pretty much had a quiet night after that. I tried to watch my hypnotist dvd, but the monitor I use is dying, and I just didn't feel like disconnecting everything and getting out another. Also, the dvd froze while it was playing. It looks like there is marker or something on the read side, so I will try to clean that up sometime as well.

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