Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Day 6: Picnic in the Snow

I fell asleep waiting for breakfast. My sister didn't wake me up, so we only ended up leaving around 2pm. We got to my oma's around quarter to 4. My aunt fed us and since it was snowing, it was our picnic in the snow. My aunt had a book of old Hamilton, so we looked at all the pictures and heard stories. Oma was impatient and kept turning the pages before we were ready. We took a bunch of photos with Leah's camera before oma had to go for supper.
On the way back to Welland, we stopped at the dollar store so Leah could pick up some hair ties, and we also stopped at WalMart, so she could print off some pictures and pick up a memorycard reader. We get to the house and decide to go to Blockbuster for movies and Zehr's for food. Picked up some premade salads and frozen cream pies. Went back to the house and watched Meet the Robinsons (which was weird), and Fantastic 4: Silver Surfer. Afterwards, I went upstairs, coloured a bit and sang along with my iPod. Leah watched Ella Enchanted, and complained about my computer monitor tv.

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