Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Day 4: Fancy Meeting You Here

Went to Zellers to purchase some luggage; walked around the mall a bit. Spent my last $5 on bubble tea. Drove over to Niagara Square. Leah wanted to go to Sport Chek; after that, we walked around and looked at how much the mall had changed since the last time we were there. Went down to my appointment and ran into my mom on the way out. Went to Lee's for dinner (chinese). Drove over to Bill's and played DDR, Guitar Hero, and Raving Rabids. Watched some episodes of Tru before bed.

edit: I forgot to mention the guy, Moshe, at the mall who sold us this nail care stuff. He was kinda cute; I think he was hitting on Leah. lol. This stuff is pretty awesome, it makes your nails shine, makes it look like you have polish on, but it's just buffed with this file type thing. We got 3 for the price of one! Which, Leah said she would have even bought me one for full price. :D

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