Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Day 0: The Arrival

On Sunday morning I woke up early (8am). I tried to go back to sleep, but it wasn't happening. I got up at 11 and changed all the bed sheets, etc. I put the dirty sheets in the laundry before I ate breakfast, then I realised that the water temp would be fluctuating, so I wouldn't be able to take a shower. I attempted to anyway but ended up running a bath. So, I got washed and dressed and everything and put on some Batman cartoons while waiting for my mom. Shr phoned around quarter to 1 and showed up about 20 after. First, we stop off so I can pick up meds, then we make our way towards Hamilton. We stop off at Tom's mother's grave before heading to the airport. Leah's flight landed early! I have never had a flight or train or anything arrive early. So, yay, less waiting for us! Seeing her smile when she saw me made me so happy and lots of hugs all around. My mom dropped us off at my place in Welland and we had Leftover Leah for supper. I spent a while dispensing meds and divi-ing up candy that my mom had given us while Leah watched tv. We watched an episode of CSI and then went upstairs. I watched some more batman cartoons while she did computer stuff.

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