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Grr. My sister got robbed yesterday. I felt horrible not being able to do anything, not even give her a hug. I spent a while talking to Elaine about spiritual stuff, which was nice of her to take the time to talk to me, since she should have been working on her homework.
I am so excited, my sister will be here in 2 days! We have quite a few days planned out already and I know there are other people she would like to see while she is out here.
One of the things that bothered me about the theft is that the things that were taken were gifts that I had given her, so it felt like a slight to me as well, even though the theif had know way of knowing that. But, still.
I watched a movie called "Breaking All the Rules", it is about the creators of the game Trivial Pursuit. FYI, they are Canadian! :) Last night, before I got the news from Leah, Elaine and I watched a movie called "Open Water". It was kind of over the top at some points, but it is an indie film.
Spent most of yesterday writing down addresses and I also placed an order for some Xmas gifts but there was a problem processing the charge, so I phoned my credit card company this morning and they said that because the payment came from a different bank that it takes a few days to go through. Argh.
I can't wait for December so I can mail out cards and presents. I'm very excited about it. I actually am almost finished Christmas shopping already (before my birthday)! It's probably the last year that I'll be able to go "all out" like the way I do, so I am going to enjoy it while I can.
I've been reading a book called "The Mormon Murders", playing Jewel Quest Solitaire, and listening to Pottercast. I need to do laundry either tonight or tomorrow. Also got 2 new movies in the mail today: a disc of Batman, the Animated series, and a film called "Lies My Mother Told Me".
I feel like there is so much I have to remember for Sunday, but I think it's not that much, it's just that I'm excited about it.

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