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6am ramblings

There seems to be an epidemic of insomnia going around, which kinda sucks. I only slept for 2 hours yesterday morning, and then 4 this morning. :( taluagel is currently awake, as well as some non-LJ users that I know.

What does everyone think of the LJ t-shirts? I don't know about them. I kinda feel like it's a personal advertisement letting everyone know either a)you've got issues no one wants to hear about or b)you post your social life on the web. I know that it's a good idea for fund raising, I guess it's just the connotations that LJ has for me that make it seem awkward.

leella makes some good points in her latest post. I'm glad she is learning so much in her life and I agree with what she says about friendship. It inspires me that perhaps one day I will have such a clear understanding of things as well. I think I'm working at it. Sometimes I worry that I'm becomming everything I hate just to get "well". Lately I've seemed to be a bitch, but I've been reassured that it's mostly just PMS. I hate blaming things on PMS, but sometimes it is the cause...
I'm getting excited about moving in with leella and Mel. I can't wait to get to know them more and I hope that I can be a good friend to them and that my issues won't frustrate them too much. I know it can be frustrating, but you have to realise that I'm not like this deliberately. I do have issues, and I am working on them, it just helps if my friends are understanding.
determination and I had a talk and he told me how important it is to recognise when I need a time out and need to be alone, and earlier he taught me that I have to learn to depend on myself sometimes so that I don't exhaust my friends. I think I'm becomming good at that. I know there are a few times recently when I should have toughed things out on my own instead of turning to j_cat, but on the whole I think I am doing much better at handling things on my own.

I packed for 3 hours last night and am only about a third done. There's a lot of organising involved. Specifically, what do I put into storage, what do I keep with me, and what do I want to send back to NF for safe keeping. Then there is the attempt to be efficient in the packing, considering the lack of boxes.
Nearly everything of mine in that place is locked safely in the bedroom, except for the plateware, glassware, and cookingware. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the toaster oven. I know mam wants the table and I'm giving Kalena the blender. I'm not sure whats going on with the crockpot either, but everything else is mine, so we're gonna have to have a serious dish-washing day.

I'm also excited about going to North Bay with Kalena. I've never been on a Via train, nor on a train for that long. I look forward to meeting her family and hope I don't embarrass myself with my craptacular French.

I'm glad that hokus_mouse is doing better and finding things she enjoys and doing things for herself. I'm going to miss determination in the summer, and I have something for him before he/I moves. taluagel, I wish we could be better friends. I've been thinking about you lately. Maybe it's because you give such good back massages and are easy to be comfortable around.
I'm glad to get away from Marc, but he's getting more clingy than ever. I've had to resort to being viciously blunt with him again, but there's not much else I can do when he doesn't seem to grasp that no means no. Ashutosh has kinda been coming onto me, and it's a little disturbing, but the attention is nice and not excessive. Twinky can be a pain in the ass, and isn't very understanding of other people's issues, and is incredibly vulgar, but he's usually funny and so brings the humour to the house. Living with these guys is like one of those Reality TV shows, with the arguements and jokes and people getting on each others nerves and just in general. It's pretty freaky.

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