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OMG, I haven't even finished watching this movie and I am so fucking thankful that I live on this side of the border. I love my country, and I always have. Apparently Canadians live 3 years longer than Americans, but I wonder if the suicide rates differ, cuz fuck, I'd be completely s.o.l. if I had to pay out of pocket to remain sane. I really do feel bad for all of my American friends who are afraid to seek help because they don't want it to show up on their parents' insurance. (Gawd, I wish that didn't sound so patronising.) It also freaks me out that I went to Seattle for 4 days without insurance... Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that I would be dead 5 times over by now if it weren't for universal healthcare. Sure, it costs $40 for an ambulance ride, but how much can that hurt anyone? Even if you are dirt poor - homeless even, I bet your life is worth more than that. I'd also never heard before about having to have your insurance company approve which hospitals you can go to? That just confounds me. And the political shit shown in this movie, doesn't do anything for my opinion of the American government.
God bless America Canada.

Okay, they're on to discussing healthcare in the UK now. I think I've said enough.

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