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Mmmm, sleep.

Today was a sleep-indulgence day. I like sleep.

I spent most of yesterday downloading music. Wow, that sounds lame. I also got to talk to my sister.

Had to dispense pills this morning. I am short one Prozac pill. It's odd, because I know I didn't drop any, so I guess the pharmacy must have screwed up.
So I did that and finished reading Anorexia's Fallen Angel. It's about a controversial eating disorder clinic in Victoria, BC. After I finished that, I started reading Suicide Junkie. I swear I could have written the first chapter myself. It's written by a guy with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, but so far it's mainly about depression and feeling suicidal.

Wrote out my rent cheque and have my cheque book in my choir bag so I can pay dues next week. Gonna make a minimum payment on my Visa bill cuz I don't think I have enough to pay it off.

I have the movie "Let's Go to Prison" laying around but haven't bothered to watch it yet.

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