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Bad dream

So, I had another dream about J today. This one was really bad. It started off with him driving me to school and I walk up to some tables where a bunch of my friends are sitting (including two of my exes: WGG & JLM). So, in the dream, JLM asks J who he is and he says, "I'm Sarah's boyfriend". Immediately I jump on that and say, "No you aren't." Then I go into a speal about how having a break means we aren't going out, blah blah blah. J leaves and the scene changes to the house I grew up in. There is snow outside and it is dark. I find out that J tried to kill himself by driving into his brother's car and that he is in intensive care at the hospital. Later on there is a welcome back type of party that is going to be held when J gets discharged. A bunch of people keep asking me if I'll be there. At this point, I am convinced that his mom and sister hate me for what I put him through, so I don't even know if I am wanted at this party. It sort of dissipates from there.

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